Church Feasibility

Both directors of the practice are practising christians who belong to Christian fellowships who hold to the truth of God's word the bible. Along side the practical experience of being participants in Church life and worship we find great fulfillment in working alongside and with God's people and are able to serve God in our work. Over many years, we have amassed a broad range of experience working alongside many different denominations helping them to realise the vision that God has given them to establish and build His Church. We have designed New Build Churches, undertaken extensive remodelling and refurbishment projects, some conservation work and smaller scale kitchen and store extensions and looked at site reconfigurations and incorporation of housing or flats for church use or otherwise.

We understand that it takes a long time in some cases, years to move from initial ideas through to a completed project but, we are patient and always very keen to offer our experience and help in these early but crucial stages of any project. The feasibility studies we carry out normally are aimed at refining and producing a brief along side the client to make sure all aspects of the project are carefully considered without too much commitment and fee expense. We would explore various options with the project team, through sketches and sometimes models or using CAD modelling to help clients visualise the ideas. We also advise on practical legislation and concerns that need to be accommodated and work with fee and cost forecasting to ensure that budget targets are realistic.

Please ring or call in to our office if you want to discuss any ideas you may have, we would be happy to help, develop and explore them with you, whether a full project results or it helps you to decide that it is not something you should be doing for whatever reason.