Rye, Residential Yachting Marina Sussex

The site lies to the south of the historic town of Rye in East Sussex, which stands on an elevated promontory approximately two miles from the open sea and is at the confluence of three rivers: the Rother, the Tillingham and the Brede. It is on a low lying waterfront site surrounded on three sides by the tidal estuary of the River. The tidal range is a significant problem in developing the site as a residential yachting marina. The site has also been subject to flooding. Several ideas what explored creating a marina basin behind a tidal sill which maintains a reasonably constant water level in the marina but has the limitation of owing allowing deep water access at states of high tide. The other ideas explored were creating a all states of the tide access marina however this involves considerable amount of dredging both to the basin and the River. It also has the significant disadvantage of making it difficult to access the waterfront from the land at low tide. Waterfront residential yachting marinas rely on having good and convenient access from the dwelling to a dedicated private berth. A small private patio and deck substitute for a garden at the end of which is direct access to the resident's boat. The size of boat and berth determined the shape and layout of the dwellings. Other facilities were provided including a yacht chandlers, small boatyard for maintenance and repairs and crainage to allow large yachts to be launched. Other facilities considered for the scheme were Waterside restaurant and bar and a new pedestrian footbridge to make access to the site more convenient from the historic town centre.