Stoneleaf offices & warehouse

Completion date:Ongoing
Contract value:pound& 440,000
Gross internal floor area:370sq.m.

The site in on the edge of an ancient Oak wood, on an industrial site close to the village of Stock in Essex. The client is developing the business to incorporate low carbon sustainable technologies and will use the building to demonstrate these to prospective customers. The site has a body of water on the edge and this will be used this as a latent heat source for a heat pump system. Water provides one of the best Coefficient of Performance (CoP) which it the ratio between energy input required to extract and move the heat. The building design also incorporated natural cooling utilising the thermal mass of very dense building materials such a stone and concrete under the suspended floor and on the shaded north elevation. Natural air currents are created using the buoyancy of the warmer air generated by people and equipment in the building and the venturi effect of wind scoops on the tall roof outlets. Low velocity, solar powered fans assist the natural air movement preventing the system stalling. The building is designed with very high levels of insulation and efficient glazing. Unwanted summer solar gain is avoided by using large roof overhangs and brise soleil and external louver blades to windows. During the winter, when the sun is low in the sky, beneficial solar gain is allowed to fall on the windows to warm the interior environment. Sun-pipes and roof windows mitigate the need for artificial light during the day